Ministry Policies and Guidelines

Crown Him Home

               *** Please read this carefully before filling out the Ministry Request Form ***

       It is the Vision of Crown Him His Glory Ministry to "Prepare the Bride for    the Return of the King". Because I receive ministry requests, I have    developed the following general rules for the requests that I am likely to    accept. Note that I will accept requests for ministry that do not fall within    these rules, but only with the clear leading from the Lord:

   1.   I ask that all who are requesting ministry from Crown Him His Glory Ministry would fill    out a Ministry Request Form. This form supplies me with vital information for me to be able    to consider your request.

   2.   I view a devotion to prayer and intercession by the inviting group with a commitment    to prayer covering before, during, and after my ministry as essential for lasting fruit,    spiritual protection of my team members, and enrichment of the ministry.

   3.   Because we all are "exhorted to know those who labor among you,"  and so that I can    feel that we can work well with other invited speakers and ministries, I respectfully request    the names of other invited speakers and ministries.

   4.   We request comfortable, peaceful accommodations for my ministry team members in a    motel/hotel (or equivalent) with a clean family environment. We request non-smoking    rooms, preferably as far away as possible from any bar, club, or other source of noise.

   5.   I request that a ministry resource table be made available for materials in a high traffic    area of the meeting(s).  I prefer to have someone staff this table who is outgoing and    knowledgeable of my products and takes an interest in my ministry.  In many cases I may    staff the table with a member of my own team.

   6.   The only financial commitment I require is for payment of our travel expenses and that    accommodations, meals, local travel, etc. be paid by our hosts. I ask that a Love Offering    would be given to Crown Him His Glory Ministry for our ministry at your meeting(s).  I    believe in Luke 10:7 "And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as    they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire...."  By planting into my ministry you will be    receiving from the Lord and being blessed in return. Our expenses for travel are generally    as follows:

      A.   For traveling by airlines, unless otherwise specified by our hosts, I seek the lowest       coach fares for guaranteed seats and that reimbursement is made to Crown Him His       Glory Ministry prior to the scheduled meeting(s).

      B.    For travel expenses by automobile, I ask that fuel, meals, etc. would be reimbursed by       our hosts to us.

       C.   For local meetings in the surrounding Tri-State region, I request reimbursement for       mileage at the current expense rate of approximately $0.40 per mile or the actual cost of       fuel.

   Thank you for your interest in my ministry!

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