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Crown Him Home Ministry Policies

   Please view our Ministry Policies before filling out this form. Your form cannot be accepted    unless you do so and acknowledge it on the form.

                                         *** All items with an asterick (*) is required. ***

  * Church/Ministry Name:

  * Physical Location Address:

  * City:                                                             * State or Providence:  

  * Zip Code or Postal Code:       Country:   

   Mailing Address (if different from above):

   City:                                                              State or Providence:  

   Zip Code or Postal Code:       Country:   

  * Phone Number (including area code):   

   Fax Number (including area code):         

  * Contact Person:   

  * Email Address:    

   Denomination or Ministry Affiliation (if any):

   Number of Congregations involved in the Meeting(s):   

   Number of People Expected to Attend the Meeting(s):   

  * Your Vision or Theme for the Meeting(s):

  * It is requested that a plan of serious intercession be made and kept for the
   meetings and the protection of the ministries who will be serving you.
   Please describe your intercessory plan for the meetings:


   Your Requested Dates and Times:

   Month:  Days:  Year: 
   Month:  Days:  Year: 
   Month:  Days:  Year: 
   Month:  Days:  Year: 

   Planned Speaking/Ministry Schedule:

   Date:  Time(am/pm): 
   Date:  Time(am/pm): 
   Date:  Time(am/pm): 

   Other Confirmed Speakers/Ministries for the Meetings:

  * Ministry Table for Product(s) Contact Person:

  * I have read and understand the Ministry Policies (check here):   


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