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    WORD Ministries is an interdenominational Christian organization, that was founded
 to disperse the word of God all over the world. They distribute Bibles or funds for Bibles
 through churches, ministries and individuals. Margaret has written popular books, one of  which is called: A Long Love Letter which is the source of inspiration for the audio  book: Love Letters to the Bride of Christ by Minister Jeana Flory.
 Please visit WORD Ministries  to find out more about Margaret Ruth Baker and her  ministry.

Pam LaVoy Baker is a visionary/prophetic artist. Her ministry has a strong focus on intense portrayals of the vastly individualized personalities of Christ, ranging from the authentically detailed depiction af Christ on the whipping post, to the regal rendition of the majestic Lion of Judah weeping as He overlooks Jerusalem.

Pam makes her home in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she has served in several area churches in music, children's ministries and evangelism. Some of these are Heritage Fellowship (Florence, KY), Eagle's Wings (Hamilton, OH), Passion and Fire (Hamilton, OH), and Ark by the River (Cincinnati, OH), where she currently attends as her home church. A major portion of the proceeds from her work are and will be used to fund missions and orphanages, including Ivan Tait missions, currently operating orphanages in Mexico, Guatemala, and Africa.

Pam's goal is that you be inspired to a personal relationship with Christ. Her work is revealed in prayer and translated to canvas while in worship. "The presence of God is the atmosphere in which we were designed to function. It is here that God takes us beyond our abilities, past our limitations/fears and human weakness to accomplish His Will and reveal His Glory in the earth" [last line the result of a seminar where I was inspired by Dr. Myles Munro]
Visit The Many Faces of Jesus  for more information about her art work.

Akiane Kramarik is an internationally recognized 11-year-old prodigy, considered the only known child binary genius, in both realist painting and poetry. She has been selected as 1 of 20 most accomplished visual artists in the world by Tribute Entertainment (London) and ABI (United States). She is a Kids Hall of Fame inductee and an author of two books "Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry" and "My Dream is Bigger than I - Memories of Tomorrow" Akiane has been a featured television and radio guest on many shows, a featured celebrity in many publications, and has done solo and group art exhibitions at ages 9 through 11.         Visit The only official web site dedicated to Akiane  for more information about her life, poetry, and her art.

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